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Fabulous Flower Lounge #2 ... with Grinches

The second Flower Lounge Live, the free to view Floristry Trade Club programme hosted by Caroline Marshall-Foster, Editor of The Florist Trade Magazine, was voted a resounding success by the hundreds of people who watched it

Guests this time were Morgan Douglas Nuth who runs Old Oak Floral Designers in Ascot and Nick Pegge, co-owner of Oops a Daisy in Norwich.

Above: Nick Pegge and Morgan Douglas Nuth

Together the trio covered key pointers on making Christmas 2022 a success, together mixing just the right amount of caution with maximum positivity and not only managed to pass on a whole host of business ideas but practical suggestions on how to deal with the potential downturn, what marketing tricks they use to generate sales and reassurance that selling out on Friday December 23rd was no bad thing and having a whole Christmas weekend to yourselves could and perhaps should be the target.

Above: Caroline Marshall-Foster

And there were plenty of fun moments too. Because as Caroline pointed out, whilst the news may be doom and gloom laden it doesn’t mean the product range should be dreary ... indeed quite the reverse as people want a smile moment.

And to prove the point local florist Vicky at the Flower Shop in Sleaford created some stunning Grinch trees that weren’t just fun but oh so elegant as well. Well worth turning in just to see those and learn what Nick's shop did as their fun thing!

If you didn’t manage to tune into the live no worries it’s available on catch up so grab a cup of coffee ... or pour yourself a drink ... arm yourself with pen and paper, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

Click here to watch


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