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Let Loose with Scissors at Chelsea: Our Floral Queen

If you needed any inspiration for Royal themed displays there was no shortage of it at Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea in Bloom this year. Depictions of any living person in flowers can be a challenge but tackling the most famous woman in the world takes it to another level!

Lily of the Valley Queen

In the Great Pavilion, RHS Florist Ambassador Simon Lycett revealed a purple metal silhouette of the Queen lined with 70 hand-thrown terracotta pots each planted with lily of the valley, her favourite flower. Fortunately, the Queen was able to visit the show so had the opportunity to admire it herself.

Dried Flower Queen

Out on Main Avenue, tucked in between the show gardens, was a subtle and extremely clever image of the Queen in her younger years created by floral designers Veevers Carter. Made from pressed, dried flowers layered between four frosted sheets which were then suspended from a treescape of limonium and delphinium.

Three-Dimensional Queen

Veevers Carter’s work was spotted again out on Sloane Square, with an installation that first appeared at Chelsea a few years ago but has in no way lost its impact. Again, the famous silhouette, this time filled with cheerful bands of blue, red and orange flowers, the Union Jack flags behind adding a jaunty, celebratory air.

Alternative Queen?

Meanwhile, a tribute to Vivienne Westwood was spotted in a suitably anarchic display, after all, it could be argued that there is only one Queen of the King’s Road….


Su Whale


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