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Let Loose with Scissors: Once you get the bug….

The grand final of the Florist of the Year sees our five finalists battling it out on the floral front to see who will be representing the UK & Ireland at the Interflora World Cup next year.

All five are keen and seasoned competitors who have competed and won medals at other prestigious events such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and World Skills.

So, what is it about competitions that is so compelling? What brings a florist back to put themselves through the process of competing time after time?

Competition schedules are like nothing else, there are no customer budgets or other people’s colour or flower preferences to constrain your creativity; this is floristry not confined to a workroom or studio where the skill is hidden behind closed doors, this is an area where, in full view, the imagination can fly.

Where else can you dream up and create floral thrones, spend hours on intricate crowns or tribal headdresses? Make floral chandeliers, parasols and hats?

At the semi-finals at RHS Bridgewater in April, visitors were genuinely wowed by the artistry of the work and dedication of the competitors. Hundreds of people visited the competition marquee during the day, not just to marvel at the floristry but also to enjoy the rare opportunity of watching these talented, focused designers in action.

The final is going to be amazing as five, very skilled and talented florists, will once again be able to show the public – this is what we can do.


Su Whale




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