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Marginpar shows Very Peri trends

This year’s trend colour by Pantone is a gorgeous purple called Very Peri. The subtle shade radiates elegance and tenderness, and one of its advantages is that it works for all four seasons. And when he saw it, Floral Fundamentals Ambassador Robert Bartolen didn’t waste any time and started creating.

For Robert, talking in this month’s Marginpar newsletter, it’s taking the natural skill of combining colours but doing it in a way that the Very Peri colours stand out as he explains.

“In floral design, we are used to combining this type of colour with lighter shades, such as pale blue, pink, or white. But there is currently a demand for extravagance and courage. Therefore, my advice is to choose colours that make the Very Peri elements stand out. It works really well with dark colours, and also with completely different shades. With this contrast you create, your design will not change into a mass in which structures and accents disappear.”

Robert also thinks foliage is also important. “Greens are extremely important for a Very Peri design. Think about grasses, delicate leaves, or even just the vase you use. Be careful with large and bold leaves, they may disrupt the proportionality of your design. In addition to actual greens, secondary flowers such as Limonium can be used to create space and allow for breathing. Very Peri comes out best in an airy design.”

For Marginpar showcasing top design is just part of their service for the 17-farm company with sites in Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and the Netherlands where they grow over 100 varieties of flowers and employ over 3,500 people.

A member of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) their aim is to achieve a sustainable production of 90% for all plants and flowers by 2025, oh yes and make sure they tell stories about their products as Helena van Achterberg Marketing and Communications Officer says.

“Our marketing is mainly focussed on florists, and what better way to inspire a florist to use the amazing flowers we grow than with the help of floral designers? But it’s also a strategy Helena reckons everyone can and should use.

“Consumers like to know more about the product they buy, the brand they buy from and are open to more background information. I’m a big fan of storytelling, because you can create a loyal fan base, so, for example, if we do our work right, our story will be passed on. It’s nice that we have such a beautiful story to tell, it makes creating genuine content easy.”

To find out more about Marginpar and see more gorgeous designs visit their website here.




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