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Mother's Day 22 ... what next?

9th March 2022

Updated 16.3.22

UK Mother's Day is now just 11 days away … the biggest flower selling day of the year and for the third year running beset with potential issues! First a pandemic that saw the world shut down as the UK flower industry tried to stay open … then we were in Lock Down and now a war that has repercussions for all.

How this latest horror story will affect sales we can’t possibly predict. This an unfolding drama that changes every hour and there is undoubtedly an impact on consumer mood and spending as costs go up daily and we know the fresh food sector has already seen problems and is sending out warning messages.

That said, and having sat in on a meeting with florists and wholesalers on Monday, there was an air of positivity amongst a lot of the group and with our 'glass half full' hat on, it may be that children will want to treat their Mum’s even more because the world is such a fragile place.

Cost wise things are keen and on certain lines showing a big drop. FleuraMetz have just contacted all their customers to say that prices on some roses, Alstroe, Eustoma, Chrysanths and Tulips are now lower and that they will honour any pre-orders at the new price points ... something we know other wholesalers are also doing.

Perhaps more importantly it is believed that prices in certain product groups will stay low right up to Mother's Day which means you can hold your prices and maybe make a higher margin so you have better cash reserves after MD.

In terms of supply many Dutch growers who switched off in February will have naturally flushing crops so supply is looking good and being a late one means there may be more UK grown product around. However we know some crops were hard hit by Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin so you need to check what will be coming online.

However whilst there will be less product on certain lines going into places like Russia and Ukraine … the latter seeing their flower industry virtually obliterated … in global terms they only take a fraction of the world’s production and not the whole basket so it’s not a case of millions of flowers suddenly having to find a new home.

There is a bit more and one of our wholesale panel actually reckoned pre-ordering wasn't necessary this year ... the first time we have heard that in a long long time!! .... but we would still recommend you get orders in as early as possible, especially if you need specifics. Not so much to save money ... as we say prices are down ... but to be sure you get what you want.

And if that all sounds like we are hedging our bets, the truth is no one can tell you for sure what the impact may be .... even we have had to change our coverage on a regular basis as news has evolved. All we can do is hope for the best, be prepared for the worst and cover as many eventualities as we can.

Not to put the fear of God in you but to help you think of everything and perhaps plan a bit for when it is all over!

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