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Spotted on the Market: A New Series of Spray Roses #ashtags

Hi, I’m Merel van den Burg and I’ve been in the floral industry for more than 25 years, as a florist and a stylist. I’m the Commercial Manager of Florismartdirect, a platform where we offer everything for the professional florist to run their business.

Recently I was lucky enough to be sent some new varieties of #ashtag roses from the Parfum Flower Company. We have good connections with all our sources, and they asked me to try them out.

The breeder of these new varieties is Interplant Roses, an international rose breeder who specialise in cut flower roses, both single heads and spray roses. The #ashtag roses were grown by Tambuzi in Kenya, one of a select number of producers allowed to grow them.

There are several varieties available in the new #ashtag roses series and all have distinctive qualities:

  • a beautiful, modern and elegant appearance

  • rich flowering

  • a unique shape with carved/ruffled petals

  • very strong, I tested out the vase life!

  • many buds on one stem.

They really do offer something different.

I’ve taken a series of photographs to show the elegance and the look and feel of these roses, so you as florists can be inspired, and try them out. Florists who have seen them are very enthusiastic about them. It always takes time for novelties to gain a foothold in the market, but I do see a future for these roses, just dare to give them a go!

There are four varieties on the market available to order (left to right in the images):

I hope the pictures inspire you. Isn’t it fantastic that breeders and growers keep on innovating to bring new products to the market?


Merel van den Burg – Florismartdirect.


Brought to you by our new Corporate Partner Florismartdirect. For more information visit their Partner Profile Florismartdirect Corporate Partners | Floristry Trade Club.




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