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Spring Trends 2022 - A Fresh Start

As the number of people working from home has increased, indoor space has become more important, especially the need to create a harmonious surrounding and to be able to separate the working space from the living area. With this in mind, alongside the start to what hopefully will be a more optimistic 2022, the Flower Council of Holland have created the colour trend ‘Fresh Start.’


The hallmark of ‘Fresh Start’ is lots of calming white with pale blue, green and yellow accents. Interiors with multiple functions, which also have to serve as working spaces, places to relax and somewhere to welcome visitors need to be easy to transform. Creating room partitions and multifunctional walls made of natural materials are ideal for this purpose. Choose variegated foliage and air-purifying plants to create a healthy, indoor space.


Again, choose a clear layout with lots of white accessories, flowering plants and bulbs. Break up hard landscaping by adding plants in containers, making the space as biodiverse as possible. Just like indoors, outside space, whether garden, patio or balcony needs to be multi-functional so fresh colour accents and greenery will bring much needed energy to the outdoors.

Products and patterns

Look for simple and sleek, with subtle patterns based on natural materials like marble and wood. Choose materials that are bio-based, that can be recycled or are recyclable. Think leather, cotton, cork and wood. Search out new materials like faux plastics made from algae or mycelium.

Colour palette

‘Fresh Start’ is white with accents of pale green, blue and tan. Deeper shades of yellow, blue and orange add contrast. Use the stronger colours sparingly to reinforce the freshness of white, symbolising peace, relaxation and harmony.

Images provided by Flower Council of Holland




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