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Thanks Plants campaign officially ends but message stays strong

For lots of people, working from home and hybrid working are the new normal. And plants help! After all, having plants in your workplace (in the home or otherwise) leaves you feeling healthier, more upbeat and more energetic. Which not only boosts your productivity but also makes you happier. Time for a new tribute to the plant: Thanks Plants!

Campaign in four core countries

‘Thanks Plants for turning my house into a home, for helping me to reconnect with nature and for helping me to relax.’ This message has not lost its relevance, which meant the fifth edition of the campaign was a more-than-logical move. This year, the Thanks Plants campaign ran in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands from 26 September to 16 October with a test campaign in Poland as well.

Digital advertising, outdoors and online

As always the graphics were designed to hit consumers in the eye. And with digital outdoor advertising in busy spots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool including both retail areas and transport links, the campaign - which featured heavily online as well reached hundreds of thousands.

Collaboration with influencers

Influencers played another major role with many invited to the special Lonely Plants Club event held earlier this month where top plant guru Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek played connector between human and plant to help guests finder their perfect plant-ner; our Editor was apparently a romantic and walked away with a Lipstick Plant!

The fabulous website was packed with new content including three tone-on-tone home office designs which included both green and flowering plants. The site, which is updated constantly, is actually an amazing resource and one website every self-respecting florist and garden centre should visit to keep up to date with trends.

Because whilst the campaign may now be officially over, the plant market is still one that can show dividends especially when cost conscious customers may not want to spend on flowers but still want a piece of nature in their homes.

So if you missed out on the campaign when we sent out the special newsletter back in September why not use it to run a dedicated plant campaign of your own. Click here to download the assets, visit the Joy of Plants website for other great ideas and remind your customers that no home is complete with one!!




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