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Thanks Plants Takes Five

The successful Thanks Plants campaign is returning for a 5th time and will celebrate the concept of WFH and the power of plants.

For many people, working from home and a hybrid way of working is the new normal, and plants play an important role. Having plants in your workspace, whether at home or the office, have many benefits, helping you feeling healthier, uplifted, and energetic. Plants not only boosts your productivity, but also makes you happier, so it is time for a new ode to houseplants: Thanks Plants!

Campaign in our core countries

‘Thanks Plants, for turning my house into a home, for helping me to reconnect with nature and to relax.’ This key message has not lost its relevance for its fifth edition of the campaign. This year, the Thanks Plants campaign will run in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands from 26 September to 16 October.

Digital advertising, outdoors and online

This year’s campaign will not fail to grab the consumers’ attention. We will be using digital out of home (DOOH) advertising at busy locations: retail areas, railway stations and transfer stops in the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool during the busiest times of day. The campaign will also be prominent online through mobile and online video advertising, as well as Facebook and Instagram.

For more information and campaign materials, visit the FCH website here.


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