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Understanding the Changes to UK Holiday Laws: A Guide for Employers

The case of Harpur Trust v Brazel has significantly impacted UK holiday entitlement laws, leading to pertinent changes in how holiday pay is calculated for certain categories of employees. This case has prompted a re-evaluation of holiday entitlement regulations, particularly concerning the treatment of part-time and irregular workers.

In response to this legal development, UK holiday entitlement laws have undergone revisions to ensure fair and equitable treatment of employees in calculating their holiday entitlement and pay. Within this article, Croner will be discussing how these changes will impact employers of part-time and irregular workers. These changed are expected to come into place from 1st January 2024.

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Irregular Hours/Part Year Workers: An irregular hours worker is classed as a worker whose number of paid hours worked in each pay period is wholly or mostly variable. A Part Year worker is a worker who is required to work only part of a year, and there are periods within that year of at least a week which they are not required to work and for which they are not paid.

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