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United Selections at IFTF 2023

Among the exhibitors present at this year's International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) in the Netherlands, was United Selections. Our exhibition stand design and presentation of roses definitley went up a notch this year. Here is a review of how we got on at IFTF and a summary of some promising varieties we presented at the show.

united Selection Stand at IFTF

Let’s Do it Together, Collaboratively

Our collaboration strategy was evident during IFTF, as we presented a diverse and colourful range of flowers, from roses and alstroemeria, to — a recent addition — chrysanthemums. Collaborations are key to our strategy regarding market positioning and meeting the ever-changing needs of our clientele. This collaborative approach enabled us to accommodate the following breeders on our exhibition stand: Könst Alstroemeria, Icon Selections, WAC Breeding, Infinity Breeding, and of course United Selections.

Though Icon Selections partnered with United Selections recently, a wide range of its chrysanthemums could not be missed. This served as just a taste of what is yet to come from next year’s open days set for the second week of January 2024 and different floral exhibitions. The addition of Icon Selections brings in a unique crop and a great addition to the United Selections portfolio, aiming to offer a wide range of flowers and varieties to choose from.

Icon Selections chrysanthemums

Summing Up 2023

In a bid to bolster United Selections' brand awareness, product marketing and positioning, we have been partnering with strategic players within the floral chain during 2023. This approach has enhanced effective awareness of our varieties across different markets, participation in exhibitions, including participating for the first time in SAF in Phoenix and International Fresh Produce Association in Anaheim, CA.

For us, IFTF 2023, was a befitting way to sum up our busiest year. Though this might be the end of the year, it is the start of more beautiful things to come, including the official launch of chrysanthemums at their upcoming open days in January. The future will continuously be colourful and the breeder hopes that you will always be part of that journey because it is only possible with you on board.

Variety Highlights From IFTF

Here is a quick overview of rose varieties of both standard and spray roses which gained significant interest.

Rose Sawa

Rose 'Sawa'

Sawa is Swahili for “okay”. Rose 'Sawa' is an intense orange-coloured rose recently introduced to the commercial level by United Selections. Its shape and beautiful opening as it blooms in the vase are some of the standout characteristics of 'Sawa' seen at the show.

Rose Nova Vita

Rose 'Nova Vita'

'Nova Vita' needs no introduction really, floral creatives have had a lot to say in the past about this pure white, elegant rose. 'Nova Vita' once again stole the show and drew visitors in with her genuine sentiment and bright, pure white tone. Beautiful opening and longer shelf life make 'Nova Vita' a desirable rose and one every floral creative should aspire to work with.

Blossoms Spray Roses

Blossoms Spray Roses

Blossoms spray roses, an umbrella brand for United Selections’ spray roses took centre stage and claimed a significant share of the spotlight.

Spray roses like 'Golden', 'Snowy', 'Sweet', 'Cherry', and 'Fancy' Blossoms are some of the spray roses that made heads turn during the show. Characterised by their big bud size, these are regarded as a premium type of spray roses. Blossoms spray roses are for everyone and every occasion. Whether you are looking for traditional or garden spray roses, all can be found in the Blossoms series.


Flower Lounge on the road Logo

We also took our Flower Lounge video series on the road to the fairs. Watch regular contributor Karen Barnes give insight into some of the exhibitors, with insight into some of the new and upcoming products showcased at the fairs. Including Interviews with 34 Degrees South, Chrysal, Lugt Lisianthus and much more. Coving topics of sustainability, flower breeding and design inspiration to name but a few.

If the video above isn't working, you can watch the video on youtube here.

United Selections logo

United Selections is a breeder with vast experience in rose breeding and selection that produces colourful, high-quality, high yielding, and sustainable varieties.




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