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Update from the Dutch Trade Fairs

This November’s Dutch trade fairs represented a welcome return to normality after two years impacted by the Covid pandemic.

At the Aalsmeer Trade Fair there were certainly more exhibitors and visitors than in 2021, when travel was still Covid-limited, with an estimated 20,000 people from more than 50 countries attending. There was a level of positivity and excitement to be back, despite the energy crisis concerns, and all enjoyed networking in person again after two “remote” years. To celebrate this return, many exhibitors pulled out all the stops on their stands, with some stunning, large-scale installations.

The Trade Fair focusses on flowers, plants, packaging and hardgoods and is an opportunity for growers and suppliers to inspire visitors with the beauty and innovation of their product ranges. Striking and creative displays were everywhere and with over 600 exhibitors, the Fair was full of activity.

Exhibitors were excited to show off new trends, varieties, packaging and hardgoods and there was a major focus on sustainability, with new materials and recycled options being promoted. With a collective focus on reducing the carbon footprint of the floral industry, it was encouraging to see the industry coming together to develop new ways of working.

International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF)

IFTF is where you’ll see one of world’s largest selections of flowers as growers, traders and suppliers from all over the world display their best and newest products on the huge exhibition floor.

With exhibitors and trade visitors from around the world, IFTF is arguably one of the most important trade fairs for the international floriculture industry. Once again, there was a level of excitement among exhibitors and visitors, all happy to be back and networking in person.

IFTF is focused primarily on flowers, with growers, importers and machinery manufacturers all exhibiting.

Exhibitors went to town with their installations, with a number of large-scale displays, some hanging from the ceiling.

Dried flowers are clearly still a strong trend being offered by many suppliers, with new types and colours added to their ranges. Dyed flowers also made a comeback, including dyed hydrangea in bright colours.

Plant breeders and growers have clearly been hard at work over the last few years as there were also lots of new flower varieties and novelties on display.





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