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When it’s all about the …. Dress!

Sometimes I think we forget that bridal bouquets come second for brides.

For sure they are important but in a bride’s mind, the dress comes first. It was time to take a look at what it can mean. A quick message to our Ambassador Claudia Tararache in Romania to see if she would create something for the bride where the flowers would take first place and the gown would be in second place for a change! The result was a bouquet that she created with flowers from our Partners that she had in her shop.

The gowns are very different (including the colour). The remit was that she should create a bouquet for a very confident bride who wanted something different. Someone who wanted the WOW! Factor. Someone who would be confident enough to carry the bouquet without interfering with the choice of gown.

The resulting bouquet is a triumph, particularly when you consider that Claudia didn’t buy extra flowers. She used her craftsmanship, and it shows!

One thing – remember to teach your brides how to carry their bouquet for the best effect. It always pays dividends.

Model: Arina

Photography: Retro-Art

Design by: Claudia Tararache

Claudia Tararache works at Anthurium Flowers in Romania. Claudia first came to our attention through entering Facebook competitions run by Fusion Flowers magazine and, as they watched her work improve, they realised her dedication which in turn led to her invitation to join Floral Fundamentals. This is a designer to watch out for.

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Floral Fundamentals shares practical information about flowers, plants and new sundry products used in the floral industry. They aim to show practical, commercial ideas that will give florists a design edge. In turn, growers can ask for feedback about their flowers and plants. Florists will then be able to ensure that they use professional growers supplying excellent flowers.


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