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When off means on in a new way!

You’ve no doubt read all the gloomy news about Dutch growers switching off the lights and even gloomier predictions that flowers will be in short supply and therefore much more expensive.

Well our Wholesale & Import Panel is still feeding us their take on it (it’s not brill but it’s not all bad either!) but one story we have to share immediately is that whilst Porta Nova are turning off the lights this winter it’s all because something better in coming in return!

You see normally Dutch growers light using “Sont-T light” – a method that largely determines the quality of that roses. Trouble is, as Porta Nova explain that sort of light costs a lot of energy and in some periods also produces extra heat they have to remove.

Which is why Porta Nova – acknowledged as growing some of the very best Red and White Naomi, has been conducting research for years in conjunction with Wageningen University and various LED light experts. The objective? To find the ultimate “light recipe” for their roses because with LED light you can determine exactly which colours/radiation you use.

The new LED light system in action ... a warm glow and better results

Now, having discovered the ultimate spectrum and with the cost of technology reducing whilst traditional energy costs have soared they’ve taken the massive – and pretty darned expensive step of installing LED light in all their greenhouses.

It’s been a HUGE investment but one that will pay off immediately. Because thanks to this special LED light Porta Nova expect to save 40% on lighting costs this winter alone. In addition to the sustainability and cost aspect, they also expect production and quality to become even more stable because their roses are presented with the perfect light spectrum.

And if all that wasn’t enough good news they’ve also got a very clever and totally unique “Climator System” in which they store heat generated during the summer to use for heating in the winter ... clever huh!!

Altogether ensuring that their strapline of ‘security and reliability’ will stay true come what may as they will definitely be able to grow top quality Red & White Naomi roses during the winter and with plenty of supply for Valentine's Day too!

Personally we are delighted to share some good news!




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