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Protection for you, your staff & your customers

Your Health & Safety

Developing, communicating and upholding a clear Health & Safety policy is a vital part of any business owner’s role. In this section of the Resources Hub we can help you do just that. With all the latest news, helpful guides and access to Croner’s wealth of experience and expertise in the area you can be confident that you have all the information you need to protect yourself, your employees and your customers.

Making a Bouquet

Latest Information

You don’t need to hire a solicitor for Employment Law advice, or employ a Health & Safety consultant to tighten up your policies and procedures.  

Business Club Membership includes access to an expert employment law and health & safety helpline, and so much more.

The Helpline gives you instant access to telephone advice from a team of experts, with the only cost to your business being the price of a low cost phone call.  

Get expert advice and the right support to protect your business with your membership. Find out what’s included:

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