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UK Floristry Judges Guild (UKFJG)

Maintaining excellence in judging floristry


For more information contact Sarah Hills-Ingyon

Sarah was appointed Chairperson to the Guild in March 2019 after serving 3 years as Deputy Chair and Chair of Schedule committee.

Sarah is continually excited by new challenges, especially embracing the many diverse aspects of the floristry industry with the desire to ‘continue learning’ as her passion.

If you've ever attended a floristry competition, either as a competitor or member of the audience, you'll no doubt have seen the Floristry Judges Guild in action. With clipboard in hand and a quizzical air, these expert judges are there to ensure fair play, supporting and rewarding competitors for their hard work.

Established to create a level playing field in the world of competition floristry, in the UK and Ireland.

The Floristry Judges Guild sets the standard for how floristry competitions are run, ensuring consistency in all aspects of judging, and upholding the highest standards and quality for floristry competitors.

Taking part in floristry competitions helps to develop your floristry skills, giving you the confidence to move forward and try new designs.

Why Compete?


  • To show your skills as a professional florist

  • To learn from other competitors

  • To get feedback and encouragement from the judges

  • To gain confidence

  • To display your results in your workplace for customers to see how good you really are

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