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FleetWizard Florisyst

Simple streamlined web-based delivery product and mobile phone app (IOS and Android) for Florists to get your data organised and under your control.



  • Manage your business and order feeds in one place

  • Optimise delivery route on the website or scan and optimise on the mobile phone app

  • ETA to customers, drivers tracked and a record of leaving orders in a safe place

  • Complete audit trail, including drivers notes, failed deliveries and photos of all deliveries made or attempted

  • All data is backed up, ensuring you never lose order information

Benefits and Adding Value

  • Automated planning means less work, more deliveries per run and lower cost routes

  • Status reports are automatic, real-time and error free meaning more accuracy and improved cashflow

  • Saving time on searching

  • Customer complaints easily resolved with photo evidence of delivery time & location

  • Deliveries made on time, in correct priority sequence saving fuel and reducing carbon footprint

  • Failed deliveries held until re-planned for next delivery attempt

  • Stress-reduction owing to the system managing massive peak load times

All prices are excluding VAT

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