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Balancing everyday life with the demands of both work and home life isn’t always easy. But the positive benefits of achieving more of a balance are well documented for your physical and mental health, from reducing stress, to improving sleep and boosting your immune system. 

Club Perks has partnered with Health Assured to bring you a comprehensive and trusted wellbeing service to support your most valuable asset: you. 

We can’t give you more hours in the day to get things done but if you need a little help in improving your wellbeing (and remember, it's a journey, not a destination), our Health and Wellbeing advice can help you access the support you need to thrive. 


brought to you by Club Perks

Health Assured provides a complete support network that offers expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7 covering a wide range of issues. They strongly believe in providing a service that offers not only reactive support when someone needs it but also proactive and preventative support to deliver the best possible outcomes.  

Assistance, when you need it most

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