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Flower Lounge Events

News and coverage from the biggest floral events as well as topical conversations covering current challenges facing the world of floristry.

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Join us at key floral events, showcasing top talent from the UK and on the international stage. Or discover the latest in flower varieties and innovations from leading growers, wholesalers, and industry pioneers at trade events.

We’ll bring you a front-row seat to the latest in the ever-evolving world of floral design.


Run by the Floristry Trade Club in association with The Florist Trade Magazine and Recorded live in a studio with real florists talking about the issues they’re facing and how they’re tackling them. Rewatch previous recordings here.


November 2022

Hosted by Caroline Marshall-Foster with Morgan Douglas Nuth of Old Oak Floral Designers, Ascot and Nick Pegge. of Oops a Daisy Floral Design, Drayton, Norwich. 

Caroline will be chatting to each of our successful, business-minded guests who will be sharing their tips for peak success. From how early they start preparing, what can be done ahead of time and how they ensure they maximise on the busiest days of a Florist’s calendar.


June 2022

Kate Hester-Lock of Grand Flowers in Eastbourne, Dominic Hughes of Pot Pourri Flowers in Kew and Gareth Davies of The Flower Shop in Oxford manage to cover the key points needed to remain confident in the face of challenges, discuss ways florists could harness their strengths to grow their sales and show how talking as a collective could help everyone.

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