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Flower & Sundry Wholesale


Your one stop shopping platform for the professional florist with a clear visible origin.


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With today’s digitalised flower industry, we give florists access to buy directly from the source.

Order from growers, importers and first-hand suppliers. We give the advantage of a shorter chain, and less involvement means cheaper and fresher flowers.

We work as a low-profile company, with minimal overheads and costs to give you the very best prices. Make use of our contacts and knowledge.

We created a one-stop shopping platform where you’ll find everything you need to operate your business.

Our optimal in-house packing and logistics system means we can offer track and trace and consistent packing.

Buy confidently with our professional information about growers and products.


We can put you in direct contact with growers, importers, suppliers, auction e-trade and diverse sundries suppliers. We guarantee to have the shortest chain. Every product you order will come together in our professional optimal consolidation packing facility, where we carefully check and pack it for delivery to you.

MORE BENEFITS With our network and expertise also your special orders are in the safest hands, whether you have an important wedding or unusual order, or you need specific pricing and amounts. We know everyone in the floral world and they know us. We pride ourselves on maintaining personal contact and service, and we’re based within the auction premises so that we’re close to growers and suppliers. We go the extra mile.

Interested? Simply register online on our website,, receive a login and start buying today. Shopping is clear and easy, and we’re always on hand to help you out 24/7. Feel free to contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Team Florismartdirect

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