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A special day calls for special flowers

Meet the cut flowers specialist in exclusive varieties

Floral brand Marginpar has been growing cut flowers for over 30 years. Even if you do not know the company by name, there is a good chance that you know it by its products. Take, for example, their Clematis, Astrantia or Eryngium varieties. Besides these major products Marginpar also has many smaller niche products in its portfolio. In total there are about 100 of them.

The perfect spot

Marginpar grows its flowers at 17 different geographical locations and altitudes under the African sun. This makes it possible to grow each flower in the perfect spot. The majority of the flowers are outside, where they are given all the time they need to grow gently. Thanks to the weather conditions, in combination with the slow cultivation, Marginpar flowers are strong and sturdy. They have 7 own nurseries in Kenya, 3 in Ethiopia, they work closely with 3 partner nurseries in Tanzania and with 4 partner nurseries in Zimbabwe. In the Netherlands, adjacent to the flower auction in Aalsmeer, is the headquarters where the flowers arrive to be checked, cut and prepared for distribution to the various flower auctions and sales partners. Marginpar employs almost 4000 people within the Marginpar Group, and the partner nurseries employ another 1000 people. That's 5000 people who put a lot of patience, care and love into the Marginpar flowers.

Unique flowers

They love remarkable flowers, at Marginpar. Species that are exclusive and allow a florist to really make a difference. They obtain these special flowers through close relationships with their breeders. There are about 30 of them. Some are large, others are small, from the Netherlands or far away. Together with the breeders, the product development team searches for flowers with the best potential, that can perform well in the African soils and that fit within the Marginpar concept. The team has a long breath and does not give up easily. Sometimes it takes decades before a product can be successfully introduced into the market. For those who want to read more about it, follow #TheMarginparRecipe on LinkedIn, where stories are regularly shared about the working method at Marginpar.


Marginpar is a proud member of FSI 2025 and is committed to 100% sustainable production. All of Marginpar's own nurseries are fully certified. In Kenya with the KFC Silver Label and GlobalG.A.P. certificate and in Ethiopia with MPS-ABC and MPS-SQ. The partner farms in Tanzania are MPS certified with MPS A+, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ. Zimbabwe will follow soon, they are still in the certification process for MPS.

These certificates not only stand for sustainable cultivation but also for good working conditions. At Marginpar the people are number one. They work according to the Kaizen principle, where recognition, appreciation and trust form the basis of their culture.

Want to know more about Marginpar? Take a look at or follow the socials via @marginpar.

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