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Flower & Sundry Wholesale

OASIS Floral Products

Since we revolutionised the world of floral design back in 1954 with the invention of our amazing water-absorbing floral foam, we've never stopped innovating, problem solving and trend hunting in order to provide exceptional products and outstanding service to professionals of the floral industry.


0330 123 9322

Globally, OASIS® Floral Products is the most recognised and trusted brand in the industry. Together with Floralife®, our technology touches flowers all around the world, from their beginnings with the grower, through post-harvest treatment, to the care and handling by the florist and eventually, the end recipient of those beautiful blooms!

We are also committed to working towards a greener future for our company and the wider floral industry. Our Big Green Plan features 22 goals we are aiming to achieve by 2025.

Here in the UK, we manufacture our famous floral foam at our factory in Washington, Tyne and Wear, as well as sourcing all the other beautiful and useful sundries a floral designer needs to create the perfect arrangement. From birthdays and anniversaries, to weddings and funerals, we support florists with our products and service as they work to create memorable designs for the moments that matter in life.

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