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United Selections

United Selections is a breeder with vast experience in rose breeding and selection that produces colourful, high-quality, high yielding, and sustainable varieties.


Our conviction is that this approach culminates in a robust floral chain and satisfaction for the end consumer.

Our breeding and selection operations take place primarily in Nakuru Kenya. In addition, we test and develop varieties in locations worldwide including Ethiopia, The Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, China, Japan and of course additional locations in Kenya.

Testing under different climate conditions and altitudes contributes to our catalogue of the best-adapted and award-winning cut rose varieties such as 'Upper Class', 'Madam Red', 'Confidential', 'Jumilia', 'Lighthouse' and our new product line of Blossoms spray roses such as 'Sweet', 'Snowy' and 'Golden Blossoms'. 

For more information contact us at:

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