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Maintaining excellence in judging floristry

If you've ever attended a floristry competition, either as a competitor or member of the audience, you'll no doubt have seen the Floristry Judges Guild in action. With clipboard in hand and a quizzical air, these expert judges are there to ensure fair play, supporting and rewarding competitors for their hard work.


Established to create a level playing field in the world of competition floristry, in the UK and Ireland.

The Floristry Judges Guild sets the standard for how floristry competitions are run, ensuring consistency in all aspects of judging, and upholding the highest standards and quality for floristry competitors. 


About the Judges Guild

The UK Floristry Judges Guild is a non-profit making body. As well as providing the judges that you’ll see at any competition, the Guild also offers a range of services to anyone wanting to stage a competition. 

Become a Judge

To become a qualified UK floristry judge and member of the Judges Guild, you must first undertake a rigorous 18 month to two-year training programme and pass an  examination as set by The Guild.

Challenge accepted

Do you fancy a challenge and want to take your first steps into competitive floristry? The Guild has devised a new and exciting training course, aimed at both existing floristry competitors who like competing and florists who would like to get involved for the first time.  

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Taking part in floristry competitions helps to develop your floristry skills, giving you the confidence to move forward and try new designs. 


Why Compete?

  • To show your skills as a professional florist

  • To learn from other competitors  

  • To get feedback and encouragement from the judges

  • To gain confidence

  • To display your results in your workplace for customers to see how good you really are

Julie Ryde Chair of the UKFJG

For more information contact Julia Ryde

Julia was honoured to be elected Chair in 2022, and her focus remains on training - not only new competitors to develop their skills and discover the rewarding world of competition;s but also new judges to continue the work of the Judges Guild. As Judges, The Guild are continually learning and developing and Julia is passionate about promoting excellent floristry design to the industry and wider public by working with Interflora, RHS and many other organisations. Don't forget to follow The Guild on social media. 

Ever thought about entering a floristry competition but weren’t quite sure what it would entail? Or have you found yourself wondering what exactly is going through a judge’s mind when they award points?

Help is at hand, as all is explained in this newly revised guide to floristry competitions, written by Lynda Owen and recently reissued.

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