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Book Review: Floristry Competitions - The Ultimate Guide

Ever thought about entering a floristry competition but weren’t quite sure what it would entail? Or have you found yourself wondering what exactly is going through a judge’s mind when they award points? Help is at hand, as all is explained in this newly revised guide to floristry competitions, written by Lynda Owen and recently reissued.

With the Interflora World Cup coming to the UK in 2023 the competition buzz is firmly established, so perfect timing for a book that demystifies the judging process and gives excellent advice for anyone considering entering a competition.

Written by Lynda Owen, a hugely experienced florist with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the industry and endorsed by the UK Floristry Judges Guild, of which she is a founder member, the book is in an easy-to-handle A5 wiro bound format, divided into three sections; for competitors, judges and stewards.

For Competitors

This section gives huge encouragement to anyone who has considered entering a competition but has lacked the confidence to do so. The benefits of competitions are laid out and the four areas of judging; idea, colour, composition and technique are explained. There are tips on how to enter and how to become a winner!

Plus, the all-important mental preparation needed is discussed, as is how to read the schedule and how practise, practise, practise is the competitors mantra. There is a whole chapter devoted to how to approach the Surprise package - often the Achilles heel of many a competitor – full of sound advice on how to deal successfully with the unknown.

Floristry Competitions need judges!

This book is also an excellent guide to the process of becoming a judge and there are eleven short, but precise chapters devoted to how to become a judge, the qualities needed, and the training involved.

Overall, this is an excellent publication not just for experienced competitors hoping to improve, but also for those who would like to dip their toes into competition work, and, for experienced florists, who think they might have what it takes, how to train to become a judge themselves.

For, as this quote by T.S. Elliot from Chapter one says.

‘Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.’


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