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A foam for every reason – OASIS® Floral Products make going green easier

If you are worried about the impact of using foam but can’t see a way round it, fear not. Help is at hand.

Because OASIS® Floral Products the market leaders in all things floral foam, have spent years finding practical solutions and now have a range of mediums that fulfil the need to provide a constant and safe water supply without putting additional pressure on the planet.

Which means that florists can now have the confidence that their designs are going to keep fresh and looking gorgeous for as long as needed whilst knowing they are taking the right steps to minimise the impact on the planet.

It started many years ago with the launch of their first biodegradable floral foam; now there are even more design choices available, including versions that are home compostable.

And to make it easy for you to identify which material is right for you they’ve created this handy ‘at a glance’ chart to show you what each material does and how it performs long after the flowers have wilted.

It’s all part of The Big Green Plan; a manifesto for change that not only sees the company look at every part of its business to make sure it is doing everything it can, but training and events to make sure florists can carry on the message. You can read our full article on what OASIS® Floral Products have, and are doing here.

Alternatively you can download The Big Green Plan here – it is a fascinating read and could prompt some ideas for your own shop. You can also find out more about how each medium works at various events over the coming months including a special hands-on workshop at Good Florist Event in Manchester on 8/9 October where you can touch, feel and design using them all. To book tickets click here

OASIS® Floral Products at a glance

Design choices that work for you, your customers and the planet.




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