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Autumn plants

Autumn is a season of rich colours and warm tones, berries, seeds and falling leaves.

Altogether, Autumn provides a wonderful opportunity to create a seasonal themed shop display to inspire your customers to celebrate this atmospheric time of year. Plants are perfect for this, being both versatile and long-lasting and can be displayed in any number of combinations. A few well-chosen containers and pots will help to set the scene, plus it’s worth investing in some Autumn ‘props’ such as fresh gourds, pumpkins, preserved leaves and even acorns. Feel free to experiment!

For Starters : Serve up a humble Kalanchoe in a unique way, inside a hollowed out mini pumpkin! Great for an Autumn display in the shop and children will love them too. Do be sure though to let your customers know that the pumpkin is for short term display only. But if they are planning or going to a Halloween party, then these would be ideal gifts.

Plenty of pepper: Fiery Capsicums look fantastic displayed together in a carefully chosen array of seasonal containers. Warm terracotta pots and ceramic bright yellow pumpkins set off these bright, shiny peppers perfectly. A blast of leaf shine will help to keep their sheen. Advise your customers to be careful of overwatering and to display in a draught-free spot.

Autumn chic: Ideal for a Halloween party centrepiece, a compact and striking design could be created from heads of Physalis and pieces of Solanum cut from a plant. Arranged in floral foam in a coordinating orange container, this would be a long-lasting, value for money design.

Side dish: Elevate the humble Brassica to a new level with the addition of orange midelino sticks and heads of Physalis. The Brassicas can be left in their pots or planted directly into the container. Use moss as a finishing touch to cover up all the mechanics and accessorise with a few carefully placed gourds.

Bowl of Colour: Brighten up a dull corner with a vibrant orange, red and cerise design. It would be perfect as a table centre too. Living up to their common name of flaming Katie, plant four Kalanchoes into a shallow bowl, decorated with Chinese lanterns and wreathed with pink wired wool. Easy to transport and ready to display!

Patio rose: Even the ubiquitous patio rose is up for an Autumn makeover. These cheerful orange-flowering roses could be removed from their plastic pots and placed into a clear glass vase, taking care not to disturb the compost. Mini gourds and a framework of midelino sticks are all that is needed for that essential designer touch!

A Warm Welcome: Entice your customers into your shop with an eye-catching and arresting display. Solanum plants arranged in weathered terracotta patio pots complement giant pumpkins. Carved-out faces are an option and don’t forget to price everything up!


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