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British Flower Week 2024

The 3rd - 9th June marks British Flowers Week. Created by New Covent Garden Market in 2013, the week is designed to show off British Flowers through great British floristry and at the same time, raise awareness of seasonal flowers. A week all about encouraging the public to buy more flowers, plants and foliage that are UK sourced - what's not to love? You can get involved by talking about it in your shop and on social media.

Summer tulips

With this increased demand there has never been a better time to stock and celebrate British grown. Don’t be shy about highlighting your UK-grown stock.

Why Buy British?

Bee on British flower

Better for the Planet

Most UK growers cultivate their crops outdoors without the need for additional light or heat - choosing stems that love their growing conditions.

Supporting Biodiversity in Britain

By supporting British floriculture, you're also helping to attract pollinators and other wildlife to our countryside.

British Stems Reflect our Seasons Beautifully

Giving a real point of difference to many of the standard, uniform stems that are imported.

Reduced Flower Miles

Air freight is on average over 80% of the total Green House Gasses (GHG's) produced in the combined activities of growing and transporting a single stem to the UK.

Supporting Local

From your local grower to your local economy. With approximately 86% of the UK cut flower market made up of imported stems, buying British means you're reducing your carbon footprint too.

Flowers from the Farm montage

Where to Buy British?

Some British Growers include:

Lambs Flowers

A growing nursery based in the heart of Lincolnshire, specialising in seasonal flowers

Flowers from the Farm

A network of small-scale, cut flower growers in the UK, delivering to florists in their local areas.

Smith & Munson

Specialising in growing premium quality cut flowers.

Flowers by Clowance

Based in Cornwall, their British Flowers Direct service is ideal for High Street Florists.

This week is all about encouraging the Public to buy more flowers, plants and foliage that are UK sources. To learn more about British grown we have the resource to help.


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