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Design Inspiration: Discover the Desert Retreat Trend

Desert trends

Contrasting Elements

For the Desert Retreat design concept, BLOOM's take inspiration from the charm of the desert and the elements earth, water, and air. Handcrafted vases in warm tones with craquelés, marble effects, and glazed finishes reflect the characteristics of sand and the desert. An interesting contrast is created by alternating these earthy elements with flowers in cool blue tones. This gives the flowers the feel of water and air, infusing the designs with a fresh, lively atmosphere.

Inspired by the desert ground

Perfection gives way to the imperfect beauty of nature. This concept can be recognised by looking closely at the applied effects. The cracked clay of a pot mirrors the surface of the desert ground and wavy textures evoke a landscape of sand dunes. This gives the overall look a contemporary yet weathered appearance based on the raw beauty of nature. The natural materials in sand tones are durable and environmentally friendly.

Water and air

Flowers in white and blue tones symbolise the interplay between water and air, contrasting beautifully with the warm tones of the vessels. The following Marginpar flowers have been used to achieve this effect:

Natural materials

The Desert Retreat trend is a tribute to craftsmanship. Instead of using immaculate ceramics, handcrafted vases are central. And rather than symmetry, irregular organic shapes are used. For example, dried Water Hyacinth is woven in different directions to give the vessel a natural and harmonious appearance.

For the design in the title image, dried Strelitzia leaves were used to mimic the rolling shapes of sand dunes. The Strelitzia leaves are naturally wavy and are layered to achieve this effect.

Desert trends table planter

Brought to life by BLOOM's

BLOOM's, led by Klaus Wagener, inspires flower enthusiasts around the world with timeless design projects. With the Desert Retreat trend, BLOOM's showcases the creative possibilities and versatility of summer flowers through the use of color, contrast, and texture. The Desert Retreat trend is featured in edition 1/2024 of the magazine BLOOM's View.

Photography and design: BLOOM's

Marginpar Logo

For 35 years, Marginpar has been dedicated to crafting the most exceptional summer flowers. We were among the first to introduce fresh cut flowers from Africa to the Dutch flower auctions. We produce 300 million stems a year, on 460 hectares of production land.




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