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Dispelling Common Myths from the World of Paper

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At Eco Flower Supplies, we take pride in manufacturing eco-friendly floristry supplies that not only enhance your creative projects but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious world. In this blog, we’ll dispel common misconceptions surrounding the paper industry while highlighting the undeniable facts that connect our sustainable practices with the floral industry. So, let’s explore how the paper industry and floristry intersect, one myth and fact at a time.


Myth: Paper is just as bad for the environment as plastic. 

Fact: Paper Is highly recycled and naturally sustainable.

Paper is highly recycled and, in Europe, is re-used an average 3.8 times. 56% of the fibrous raw material used in Europe’s paper industry comes from paper for recycling. In 2020, a total of 56 million tonnes of paper was collected and recycled in Europe, a recycling rate of 74%. This is approaching the estimated practical maximum of 78%.


Myth: You should only use recycled paper

Fact: Virgin fibres from sustainably managed forests are needed to maintain the paper cycle.

Without new virgin fibres from trees, the paper cycle cannot be maintained. Recycled fibres degrade after several uses and the paper industry needs fresh fibre from sustainably managed forests to keep the renewable cycle going.


Myth: Paper Production Is A Major Cause Of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Fact: Most of the energy used in paper production is renewable and carbon intensity is surprisingly low.

The European pulp and paper industry produces original bio-based products using wood, a renewable material. It is also the largest single industrial user and producer of renewable energy in the EU.

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In the realm where the paper industry meets the artistry of floristry, the potential for eco-friendly innovation is boundless. At our sustainable paper company, we’re committed to crafting floristry supplies that not only inspire your creative vision but also align with our planet’s well-being. As we’ve dispelled the myths and revealed the facts about the paper industry’s connection to floristry, it’s evident that sustainable choices, such as our popular flower sleeves and seeded cards, can have a profound impact.

By choosing eco-friendly florist supplies, you’re not just creating beautiful arrangements; you’re also fostering a greener future, reducing waste, and supporting sustainable practices that benefit us all. So, let your imagination flourish, and may your floral creations always bloom with eco-conscious beauty.

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Eco Flower Supplies are proud to help pioneer the way to a better future by offering and producing their range of sustainable packaging products for the floristry industry.


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