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Europa Cup happening this month ... why not join the party!

FLORINT’s 4-yearly EUROPA CUP floristry championship will take place in Katowice, Poland, from August 26 to 28. Many of the world’s most talented florists will be there to compete and do spectacular demonstrations including Caroline Crabb, who only last month came third in the Interflora Florist of the Year finals.

With national champions from some twenty countries participating, the master florists will face off against each other in a floral battle, where they complete some of the most challenging arrangement work of their lives.

On Friday 26th August it’s a special day for professional florists. After the opening ceremony, master florists from 4 different areas of the world will give 4 major show with a range of styles and techniques as well as educational and business seminars.

Meanwhile, the competitors in the Europa Cup will be working on their first 3 championship tasks in front of the visitors so you can see everything up close and personal.

On Saturday 27th August the competitors will finish their remaining arrangements, ending in a ‘Grand Finale’ on-stage! During the gala evening, six finalists will face the final competition task – a surprise challenge – in front of the live audience. Live art and music will complement the stunning floristry, making for an unforgettable evening and with the displays staying in situ throughout Sunday there’ll be plenty of time to see everything in fine detail.

Organised by the Polish Florist Association SFP and FLORINT, together with many local and international partners the whole event is on target to be amazing and a veritable feast of flowers. To see the whole programme and book tickets click here


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