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FM Group’s sustainability platform launches

World Bee Day saw the FM Group aim to raise awareness about the threats to pollinators by human activities through a new sustainability platform, which is now accessible in multiple languages. is intended for companies who need information on sustainability relevant to flowers, plants and packaging. The aim is to inspire and inform customers and growers, and help them take the next step towards building a future-proof floriculture sector together. In particular, focuses on sharing information and best practices that emphasize the importance of wild pollinators.

By working together with its knowledge partners, such as SMK (Stichting Milieukeur) and Fairtrade, FM Group is able to collect and categorize data that is of specific interest to their customers and growers.

In addition to building a library of practical information, FM Group also aims to offer sustainable flowers, plants and packaging via 100% of the flower and plant product offering meets the criteria of the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI). Flowers and plants available on will also come from growers who, in addition to having attained the minimum sustainability certificates, are going beyond business-as-usual to contribute to a futureproof sector.

Innovation and collaboration are the main pillars for this new platform, and FM Group looks forward to connecting with its stakeholders on

Visit for more information.


With such an amazing depth of knowledge on all things to do with sustainability and best environmental practices we’re delighted that FleuraMetz will be working closely with Florist Magazine on our very special Caring and Commercial Sustainable Floristry hands-on workshop at Florist Event on 8/9 October in Manchester. Tickets go on general sale in June, in the meantime mark the dates in your diary ... the programme is amazing and not to be missed!


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