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Introducing Beyond Chrysanthemums: Dutch Chrysanthemum Masters

The team at Beyond Chrysanthemums isn't just passionate about flowers, they're also environmentally conscious innovators. A legacy of love since 1938, Beyond Chrysanthemums strive for perfect chrysanthemums through meticulous breeding and a constant pursuit of the ideal growing formula.


Beyond Chrysanthemums, based in the Netherlands, is a company dedicated to growing top-quality white Baltica spray chrysanthemums. Their passion for these essential blooms is evident in their motto: "Raised with Love." Its inevitable that all florists have worked with their Baltica, an extremely popular product in the UK and beyond. The story doesn't end there! Keep reading to discover more about Beyond's remarkable journey.

They’re a loved member of the Floral Fundamentals Family, who’s designers adore working with the guys product, follow them for tons of fun inspiration.

Beyond Chrysanthemums: Here's the lowdown

A Family Legacy: Established in 1938, the company boasts a long-standing tradition of chrysanthemum cultivation. This multi-generational experience allows them to combine traditional growing methods with innovative techniques.

Innovation & Expertise: Beyond Chrysanthemums prioritise continuous improvement. They utilise cutting-edge technology and best practices to ensure the health and beauty of their flowers.

Focus on Quality: Their commitment extends to every aspect of the growing process. They might carefully select the best varieties, create optimal growing conditions, and employ meticulous care to produce strong and visually stunning white Baltica chrysanthemums.

Reliable & Efficient: They prioritise reliability and efficiency. This involves having a prime location with optimal climate and light for chrysanthemums, as well as established logistics networks.

Global Reach: They participate in international flower events and collaborate with wholesalers, allowing their high-quality chrysanthemums to reach a global audience.

Beyond the Bloom: Recently, they made their greenhouse more energy-efficient by switching to LED lighting. But rather than toss out the old lamps, they embarked on a creative project. Each lamp, which has witnessed the growth of an average of 72,000 chrysanthemum stems, has been lovingly restored with energy-efficient bulbs and transformed into a unique piece of art.

And here’s the amazing part, florists and flower enthusiasts have the opportunity to own a piece of Beyond's history, while the brothers, Wouter and Martijn, ensure their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the glasshouse. Not to mention they also practice sustainable water conservation and pest management. To enquire about purchasing a stylish lamp contact Wouter

A touch of Beyond fun: Now, the boys may work hard, but they also have a fun side, which resonates when you meet them. They have a collection of board games for kids (and big kids too), T-shirts, a multitude of accessories and a huggable flower vase, which I, Morgan-Douglas Nuth had the pleasure of receiving the very first one.

Awards & certifications: In January 2024 Beyond where awarded International Grower of the Year 2024, by the International Association of Horticulture and 2nd place in the International Grower of the Year Sustainability category. The medals are now added to the cabinet of achievements, in pride of place.  

Curious to learn more about Beyond? Sign up for Beyond's newsletters, brimming with informative tips and fun facts about the world of chrysanthemums! Or follow the fun on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook. Well worth a like! And if you want to know even more, then watch a truly wonderful video showing the full story of Beyond.



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Photography: Wouter & IAP Photography

Designer: Mariann Holmen of MAHO Blomster in Norway.

General Contact & for LED lights:

Article Writer: Morgan-Douglas Nuth of with additional sources from Beyond

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