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Sustainability in Action at Interflora

Sustainability is such a huge topic that its easy for well-intentioned initiatives to morph into talking shops. Not so with Interflora’s recently unveiled Buds of Change programme, which has already got the ball rolling with real action on the issues identified as having the most impact on the environment and communities.

Here's what we’ve been up to so far and what we’re focusing on next to hit our ambitious sustainability targets:

Net Zero

We're gathering data on emissions, both historical and current and focusing on reducing Interflora’s emissions by at least 4% every year. Once finalised, we'll set clear and ambitious science-based targets for Net Zero 2040.

Did You Know?
Net Zero means achieving a balance where the greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere are equal to that being removed out of the atmosphere

Supply Chain

We're setting out conditions for a new Interflora Supplier Code of Conduct, to be rolled out in the coming year, which will include a number of sustainability “non-negotiables” which we would like all potential suppliers to agree to.

Skills & Training

We're making sure that everyone in the business benefits from comprehensive, science-based training to educate and empower them to drive the sustainability programme forward.

Diversity & Inclusion

We're building on the work that's already been done to make Interflora a safe and welcoming place to work, assessing how the business is performing against best practice standards and highlighting key areas of improvement.

Plastics & Packaging

We continue to reduce and remove plastic and unnecessary packaging, by expanding it to everything that Interflora sell in any part of the business. This includes prioritising a 'hitlist' of high-harm items, primarily single-use plastics in products and packaging and engaging with suppliers and florists to explore replacements and removals. We’re always open to new ideas so please get in touch if you're using any brilliant plastic-free alternatives in your business. Email

Did You Know

Organic waste in landfill does not decompose harmfully, but trapped without air it actually produces methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes hugely to global warming. Landfill accounts for around 22% of all methane emissions in the UK. If a quarter of us switched from landfill to composting, we'd save the equivalent of 2.5m tonnes of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere every year! [Source:]

Top Tips

Finding ways of reducing the amount of green waste you produce or avoiding sending it to landfill, would have a HUGE positive impact. Some ideas to consider:

  • Avoid over-ordering. If you can, buy little and often to reduce waste.

  • Donate your green waste to local allotments or gardens.

  • Separate your waste.

  • Compost your organic waste


Zara Taylor is the Head of Wholesale & Supply at Interflora.

She has worked in flowers since 2010, first at Flamingo Horticulture, then at Interflora. Zara recently completed Cambridge University’s CISL course on Sustainable Business Management, and has a real personal passion for living a positive, minimal impact lifestyle.


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