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The Importance of Continuous Personal Development

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I have been a florist for decades and in that time, I have always treated myself to a different course every year. These haven’t always been flower or floristry based; sometimes it has been photography, social media or marketing, anything that I felt would be interesting and useful to my business. Its honestly not a hard thing to do, give yourself permission to spend both the money and the time on a course, they are tax deductible and almost always you come back invigorated. I’m shocked that more florists don’t do it, although it can be hard to decide what might be worth the money because education is never cheap.

photographing flowers

The floral industry is constantly changing and evolving and keeping up with new trends and skills can only be of benefit to your business. It refreshes your skills and enables you to offer new, on trend designs to your customers. Taking courses in other disciplines such as photography or social media also means that you can save both time and money on being able to incorporate these new skills into your business. In fact both of these courses have already paid dividends for my business and helped me upskill as well as being enjoyable and allowing me to network with other business owners in a range of disciplines.

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