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A dream dress for a dream come true

Rebecca McGuigan may only have been a florist for two years but her first Christmas window has got the customers smiling!

Studying at Myerscough College, Covid played havoc with her course which meant Rebecca had to complete it whilst home schooling and looking after two children.

However, whilst she admits it was a tough time and at one point wondered if she would ever get to follow her dream job, out of the blue came a call from Bethany Bailey, who owns The Bloom Room in Longridge, Lancashire offering her a job.

"I confess I didn’t just do a little dance when Bethany called but actually cried. I really was down in the dumps and wondering where I would be able to use my studies so it was like a dream come true."

Now Rebecca is in her element and being asked to create The Bloom Room’s 2021 window display was the icing on the cake as Rebecca (pictured middle below) explained.

“Bethany, and my other work colleague Eve Malaney, have taught me so much about the florist industry, I am so lucky to say I love my job and my work family. I was given the challenge by Beth of creating a different side to floristry for our Christmas window display to show it can be an art form, not just bouquets. Everyone loves The Ice Queen window display and it is a popular talking point in our little Lancashire town.”

We think it is fab …. not just that the dress has created so much attention but that someone’s dreams came true too.


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