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Apprentice Florist launches industry wide JustGiving page

Elizabeth McKenna, who runs her own shop in Nottingham but is perhaps best known as the ‘bonkers lady’ from the BBC Apprentice programme has launched a new initiative for Ukraine that all florists can get behind.

Developed with the support of her website provider Floristpro, the project, called is a simple click and donate option for customers to add a donation of their choice when they place an order and operates in the same way they would add chocolates or soft toys it is an easy way

Using the eye-catching graphics that are part of the downloadable Resource package Elizabeth has created, florists taking part can embed the functionality into their own website and then simply transfers the funds raised to the FlowerforUkraine JustGiving page which in turn sends proceeds directly to the Government match funded DEC Humanitarian Appeal

Talking about the new initiative Elizabeth said; “I have been really affected by the situation in Ukraine, I wanted to do something in my business and the perfect opportunity was to capture the Mother’s Day trading period.”

“Then I thought why just me. If lots of us florists could get together, we could do something special. We are all super busy, so I knew I needed to provide something quick and easy that any businesses could use and access easily.”

“So, I set up a JustGiving page and created a website with a set of resources that can be easily accessed and downloaded by anyone and used however they see fit in their business. Best of all it is simple. You just add it onto your website like any add on sale and it’s done!”

Everything needed is available for download including the 'product' images and suggested wording, website links, graphics for websites and social media, printable posters and cards, and website copy. You can access all the marketing collateral and guidelines here.

For Elizabeth she feels she’s somewhere between an episode of The Apprentice and Challenge Aneka. “I dreamt about it over the weekend, on the Monday I decided to act and with a little help from my friends, by midnight Tuesday everything was set up, alongside running the business as the lone florist. I know florists are all so busy but it will take just half an hour to set it up and means florists all over the country … actually the world … can come together and make a real difference. “

To find out more and set yourself up click here for all the resources and information.




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