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Caroline's off to Poland -

Our UK representative is on her way!! Caroline Crabb Aifd Mdpf, who owns Fleurtations Cornwall based in Bodmin, will be flying the flag for the UK in the Europa Cup - European Floristry Championship 2022 being held on 26 - 28 August in Katowice, Poland.

It's been cancelled several times (although she has used the time to hone, practice and change her designs!) and in-between she managed to gain 3rd place in the Interflora Florist of the Year competition back in July.

However before she can even think about starting her first pieces on Friday there’s the little task of getting to Poland with all her kit and kaboodle.

Enter fellow Good Florist Guide member Morgan Douglas Nuth of Old Oak Floral Designers Ascot who is driving with her on the 1200 mile, 19.5 hour journey and as well as doing his work for Floral Fundamentals will be helping her along with Tracy Rowbottom from Flowervision - Bristol Ltd who are sponsoring the flowers and delivering them to Poland!

It's been a marathon journey! They started at 06.00hrs on Monday morning, In the first day they travelled through France, Belgium, Holland before reaching Germany for an overnight stop. Day 2 will be the next seven hours over to Poland - coffee has proved invaluable!!


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