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Children will Love to Give these Plants to Mum

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It could be argued that on Mother’s Day you can sell practically anything, which makes it a great retailing opportunity to sell plants, especially to children who will be looking for a little, child sized, gift for their mum. Catch their interest with plants that have something unusual about them, it could be their shape, colour or even the container in which they are displayed. You never know, it might inspire a lifelong interest.  

Plants for kids child with flowers

There are many great reasons to Introduce Children to Houseplants

A project carried out at McGill university, Canada, looked at the colour preferences of toddlers and young children. They found that children begin to understand and name colours at around three years of age. Their least favourite colours tend to be dull shades such as brown or grey, whereas bright colours, pink, orange and purple, are the first that they learn. As children tend to be continually exposed to bright colours, at home, on television and at school they become comfortable with vibrant hues. 

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