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Floral Trend Report 2024 by Nicu Bocancea

Welcome to the much-anticipated annual trend report that has florists, designers, and event stylists buzzing with excitement. Each year, we tap into the insights of a renowned floral designer or trend aficionado to illuminate us. This year, we’re honoured to give the stage to Nicu Bocancea, a true luminary in the field. He’s unveiling his vision for the floral trends for 2024, offering a wellspring of creative inspiration for fellow floral enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Framed arrangement

Nicu: “My predictions are based on the likely combination of global design trends, societal changes, consumer behaviour patterns and environmental concerns. By aligning these trends with wider developments in the world, I propose to create a vision of floral design that resonates with contemporary values and aspirations.”

My trends of 2024 are divided into 4 categories:

  • Transparency

  • Natural Look

  • Vegetables, fruits and flowers

  • Simplicity of the painting

mushroom shaped arrangement

Inspired by nature

All the designs are inspired by nature and reflect an innovative approach to floral design. Nicu: “by focusing on transparency through the creative use of recycled materials, embracing the natural look, incorporating unconventional elements such as vegetables and fruits and capturing the simplicity of a painting, I aligned myself with a sustainable and artistic vision for the future.”

Natural compositions and organic designs have been consistent trends in the world of floristry. The overall trend of this forecast is creating arrangements that feel less structured and more inspired by nature. Now, how does one do that? A few key principles highlight this approach:

  • Use a variety of unique flowers with a light and fluid texture.

  • Incorporate a variety of leaves, branches and foliage to add texture and depth to the arrangements.

  • Use unique containers such as reused items or eco-friendly materials to enhance the natural atmosphere.

  • Make the arrangements loose and airy.

  • Opt for neutral, muted colour palettes.

  • Use dry elements: sticks and dried flowers, herbs and preserved leaves.

Make something from nothing

Nicu urges florists to be resourceful, and ‘make something from nothing’. Nicu: “This way of thinking is rooted deep in my upbringing. My parents’ teachings about finding new uses for things you no longer need instilled valuable resourcefulness and creativity in me.” The ability to see potential in what others might overlook is a wonderful trait that can lead to unique and meaningful creations.

Arrangement with use of transparency


Nicu: “I have noticed a growing global focus on sustainability, driving the need for innovative materials such as transparent plastic. I advocated their reuse in artistic and functional floral structures. I’ve also noticed a growing desire among consumers for ecological products, motivating the adoption of transparent structures as a symbol of transparency and responsible design.”

Natural style table centre piece


Nicu: “A cultural change is happening. People are looking for a closer connection with nature and authentic experiences. Minimalist and natural aesthetics are gaining ground in design, influencing floral trends towards simplicity and elegance.”

centre piece using vegetables


Nicu: “The focus on health and wellness inspired me to integrate edibles, aligning with the broader movement towards mindful living.”

Framed arrangement


Nicu: “People gravitate towards visual spaces that evoke emotions with fewer elements.”

NICU BOCANCEA working on large design


If you’ve been around the floral industry for some time, you must have come across his work before. He is a popular man on social media, where you can find his work on both his personal account (@nicubocancea) and his company’s account (@florariairis).

Being a second-generation florist, he grew up among flowers and has worked his way up to co-running the very successful event design venture along with 10 floral shops in Romania with his brother. With his extensive experience in the field, Nicu stands as a valuable source of guidance and inspiration in the realm of commercial floristry.

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