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Flowers fit for a Queen

When someone wants to send the Queen some flowers then who better to organise and deliver than a Good Florist Guide member or two!!

That’s what happened when Morgan Douglas-Nuth (pictured above) of Old Oak Floral Designers Ascot received a call from fellow GFG'er Ian Lloyd in Wilmslow to see if he delivered to Windsor!

His reply was "Of course! Whatever you need I can be there". Ian, who had only mentioned the area, said he would send the order ASAP!

The order came through and Morgan was amazed to see it was for HRH Queen Elizabeth so another phone call was needed to see what would be suitable for a Queen, and did the sender (no, we can’t say who) have any special requests?

As Morgan explained: “Although incredibly exciting to think the Queen would see it, the choice was actually easy. Opulent but feminine. Luxurious but not OTT. Refined elegance with a bit of pizzazz!

The result? A gorgeous confection of luxury standard and spray roses, orchids, anemones, Zantedeschia and bouvardia encased in lush foliage’s, exquisitely arranged and delivered in a vase for maximum impact and minimal hassle.

Morgan continued: “I think this is what being a GFG’er is all about. Knowing that when you need something – be it the Queen or anyone else that’s special - you can just pick up the phone confident that your fellow GFG’er will go the extra mile and have your back every time. Because we connect regularly through our Zooms, Facebook page and Buddy Bubbles we know we can trust each other and have what it takes.”

Not that Good Florist Guide is elitist in any way, shape or form. Membership is open to all shops and legitimate studio florists throughout the UK and Ireland. Yes, every applicant has to complete a form and submit a portfolio of pictures and then be approved by the Advisory Panel … made up of current GFG’ers … before they are invited to join but other than being good there are very few rules and regulations.

Which is why GFG’ers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, have turnovers ranging from £100k to well over a million+, include some of the biggest names in the industry (and we are talking BIG names) as well as florists you may never have heard of but are just as bally wonderful.

Shops range from the teeny tiny to the super big, some members have oodles of qualifications; others have learned their skill and art at the bench, some are one-man bands, others have an army of staff.

However, the one common goal is to be part of something that not only sets a standard …. as one of the members calls it, the Michelin star of floristry, but that floristry is not a game, it is a profession and that working together can help each other grow and survive anything.

If 2022 is the year you’d like to be part of GFG email and they’ll send you all the details.


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