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Game changer transport care from Chrysal

Sustainability will play a central role at both the big Dutch trade shows, IFTF in Vijfhuizen and the Royal Flora Holland Trade fair in Aalsmeer.

But for Chrysal sustainability has been an integral part of the business since they began back in 1929 and their belief in a zero-impact flower industry and commitment to achieving this goal with their partners is paramount.

Which is why not only are they launching new innovations but sponsoring the first ever conference on Flower Sea Freight; a concept first developed some 15 years ago in Colombia and for many considered the future for the flower industry.

However sea freight comes with many challenges as it is both time-consuming and flowers come under a lot of pressure.

With these challenges in mind, Chrysal has spent more than a decade developing the Chrysal Sea Freight Service which has recently been nominated for a Greenovation Award.

It is a total solution and a unique post-harvest service concept that keeps flowers fresh and controls Botrytis during sea freight and long storage.

Developed particularly for roses, the flowers treated with a special Dip and anti-ethylene treatment. In addition they are monitored by Chrysal Technical Assistants throughout the chain; from harvesting to shipping and arrival in Europe to help ensure the flowers are in good condition after being at sea for more than 3 weeks.

The service considerably reduces flower wastage and rejection rate and allows the sharing of vital data with all parties involved throughout the transport phase. And with a reduction in carbon footprint at as much as 92% compared to air freight it is easy to see why it is viewed as a game changer in the flower industry.

You can check out Chrysals’ sustainability video here or visit their website to see all the products they offer, including the new bio flower food and Arrive Alive® Eco - an eco-friendly and innovative flower packaging that keeps cut flowers fresh during delivery.

Editor’s Note: We’ll be in the Netherlands to talk to the Chrysal team and learn first-hand what the changes will mean to the sector. If you want to visit the shows – they run concurrently 9 to 11 November – click the links to register.

** Greenovation Award

The Greenovation Award is awarded by Royal Flora Holland to sustainable products or concepts. The presentation will take place on November 9th at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer.


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