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Holiday Chart from Strelitzia

Keeping up with staff holidays can be difficult, especially during the summer season when its prime weddings, events, and holiday time!

We’ve created a handy holiday chart so you can keep up with who’s off when, and how many days of holiday everyone has left.

In England, your employees are entitled to a total of 28 days of paid holiday each year, and this can include bank holidays. If you go with the minimum statutory requirements, it would be 20 days plus 8 bank holidays.

Having bank holidays off doesn’t always work for florists as these tend to be busy trading/wedding weekends, so keep that in mind when agreeing to holiday requests.

You are within your rights as an employer to not allow holidays over peak periods, but make sure you make that clear within any employment contracts you have.

A well thought-through holidays policy can be a good way to attract new employees, and keep current ones. You could offer incentives of an extra day of holiday for each year someone is with you, up to a maximum of x days holiday per year.

But, most importantly, make sure you book yourself a holiday (or at least some time off) each year to rest and recharge. Get at least two holidays booked in as your first task at the beginning of January. You’ll thank yourself for it when they come around. Then no one can book any holiday at the same time you’re off, and you can manage the work that comes in over those dates.

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