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Houseplant Hideout hits Shoreditch

It was one of the coolest projects The Florist Magazine has seen this year … another fabulous installation from the people at Flower Council, this time all about the plants!

It all took place at the ubercool BoxPark in Shoreditch, known for its hipster types and young buyers and the brainchild of award-winning designer and architect DaeWha Kang (pictured bottom) in collaboration with ethnobotanist and TV personality James Wong.

Launched under the brand, the Houseplant Hideout was designed to banish Autumn blues for the 48% of Brits who say they are dreading winter this year and to

help bring nature into homes and home office spaces during the colder months.

However, with half of Brits saying houseplants make them happier and more productive in recent research commissioned by, plant power is clear and the houseplant experts set about bringing a rich, rejuvenating biophilic dreamworld to the heart of the concrete jungle.

And by packing dozens of houseplants into an intimate installation with a rotating chair, light and soundscape and audio meditation created by plant spirit expert, Holly Worton, the Houseplant Hideout not only transported visitors to another world but showed that even the smallest space could be made wonderful with plants.

Because whilst the exterior of the six-metre vertical kaleidoscope may have looked huge, inside was a small cosy area packed to the gills with plants, mosses and terrariums that engulfed visitors in nature and not only gave them a magical moment but proved how easy it is to bring nature indoors … however small the room.

With stats showing the interest in plants shows no signs of abating, it’s a huge opportunity for florists but the selling message needs to be consistent as well as tapping into the psyche of your customers.

You may not be able to create a giant Kaleidoscope but there is nothing to stop you creating a room setting window display … maybe linking up with local furniture shops … and showcase how plants really can transform a room as well as helping improve mental well-being.

You can access a whole host of ideas at or for marketing material and downloadable graphics visit


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