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Dried Flowers: Trending Everywhere

flowers in wrap

A Quiet Revolution

You know when a trend has properly arrived when feature writers for magazines such as ‘Glamour’ start gushing about it. And what is the latest floral trend they are loving? Dried flowers, here’s what they say:

‘Dried flowers make your home look chic and Parisian on a budget’ followed by ‘The hottest home decoration trend of the decade.’

How has this come about? One possible source is from Instagram influencers who, during lockdown, when many florists were unable to trade, began sharing pictures of their dried flower arrangements, or it could be partly down to the re-invention of pampas grass as the ‘must have’ wedding accessory which opened the doors. Whichever way, there are now nearly 3 million posts on social media with the #driedflowers tag. It’s a trend that looks set to stay. In fact, many florists are now selling dried flowers alongside fresh and it’s not out of the ordinary for brides to have a combination of both in their wedding bouquets.


Interested in learning how to use natural dried flowers in a fan? Sign-up to one of the workshops available at the Interflora World Cup. Find it add-on for day tickets for Thursday 7th, Friday 8th or Saturday 9th of September.


white dried flowers

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