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International Trade Fairs Are Back

What’s trending at IFTF & Royal FloraHolland’s Aalsmeer Trade Fair?

After a challenging 18 months for the floristry industry, visitors made a welcome return to the exhibition halls in Aalsmeer for the 2021 International Floriculture Trade Fair.

Plant breeders and growers from all over the world exhibited alongside flower wholesalers, logistics and horticultural specialists and all reported brisk business.

Meanwhile, over at Royal FloraHolland’s Aalsmeer Trade Fair, 15,000 visitors from over 50 countries saw the latest innovations and trends in the floriculture industry, alongside a varied programme of presentations and talks.

Trends to look out for in 2022

It may be no surprise to hear that some of the key trends seen at both trade fairs have actually been around for a while, with the COVID pandemic inevitably putting the brakes on design development.

However, some trends hang around for a reason, which is that they remain versatile and popular choices with consumers. Here’s what continues to trend from 2021 into 2022:

  • Dried flowers – still universally popular and Instagramable, now with a focus on more colourful dyed stems such as Stachys and poppy seed heads.

  • Sustainability – there’s more momentum than ever behind the drive for environmentally friendly products in floristry, with the emphasis on recycled glass and fabric alongside alternative “green” materials such as bamboo for pots and containers.

  • Terrariums and plant stands remain on-trend, often used as the perfect showcase for easy-care and long-lasting houseplants such as succulents and cacti.

  • Colour and pattern on pots and containers is surely a trend designed to brighten the world following the dark days of the pandemic. Add bright flower combinations to the mix and there’s a trend for positivity right there!




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