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Put the vibe into your houseplants – Chelsea Style!

Chelsea Flower Show’s Houseplant Studios are now a permanent fixture at this iconic event and although you might think that an area dedicated to houseplants might be a little, well, dull, think again, this is the world’s greatest flower show after all…

Disco Fever

Planet Studio, inspired by the iconic Studio 54, was the place to get down at the show this year. Inside was a world of classic plants, disco balls and wonderful oddities, so if you have a plant display that’s a touch jaded and could do with a little va va voom, then Planet Studio may have just the solution for you.

Put a Shimmy in your Chamaerops

Palms can be a little underwhelming, often banished to dusty corners in offices – but not here! Planted into a bright orange ceramic pot and underplanted with succulents and a top dressing of shiny gravel, this European Fan palm is transformed. Display it with similar large, glossy leaved plants at different heights and this group is ready to hit the floor.

Welcome to the Bar.

No disco is complete without somewhere to quench your thirst, although the ‘optics’ here are not what you would expect! This expertly designed and well-lit shelf hits the spot for this collection of Tillandsia and Bromeliads, displayed in an artfully colour-themed selection of studio pottery in bold, contrasting blue and orange. Lava lamp essential.

Overseeing the bar is a fabulous hanging blue ceramic basket packed with glossy green and orange anthurium, edged with lime green reindeer moss.

Hit the Dancefloor

No wallflowers here. A collection of plants put together with similar characteristics, shapes and textures has instant impact.

The linear leaves and stripes of the Chlorophytum complement the Calathea, while the green and white of the Curcuma pull the display together.

This hostess trolley of oddities was part of the Gold medal winning Studio Planet’s appeal, for decorative purposes only!


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