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Retail Marks the Platinum Jubilee

Nobody could have failed to notice there was a major event that was marked in June, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee heralding 70 years of the monarch being on the throne. Cue a national celebration, compulsive flag waving, party planning, topped off by the all important extra day off work for most of the population.

In the course of the Queen’s 70-year reign there’s been a seismic change in retail; from one-to-one personal service through a transformation into more self-service operations to the present day consumer centric culture which focuses on inspiring and engaging customers through multiple touchpoints. Here we review some of the best of the best visual displays.

The most recognisable visual symbol of the jubilee had to be the Union Jack flag, if not the flag itself the colours of red, white and blue were to be seen everywhere.

Retailers went big on the flag, decorating facades, entrances and feature focal points. Who could do it bigger and better seemed to be the order of the day.

The Platinum Jubilee saw another great opportunity for retailers to reflect the mood of a large percentage of the country and capitalise on this sales opportunity by inspiring and celebrating with them.

With the event coinciding with the Chelsea Flower Show retail theatre was in abundance with tributes to the Queen curated out of stunning floral displays depicting objects associated with the Queen.

You’ve Got Mail

The Queen's popularity and the esteem that many of the public hold her in was the theme promoted by the Hackett brand in an exuberant, eye-catching way. No expense had been spared in the ‘Love Letter to the Queen’ shop façade and windows. Lovingly curated, an immense level of detail was evident throughout the entire display …. which was quite rightly picked up and shown by many a social media commentator and retail publication.

Well known is the Queen’s love of the Corgi dog breed and this was portrayed across many a display including Selfridges Robin Reliant-driving Corgi!

Tea time

Anything quintessentially British was fair game, and what can be more British than a cup of afternoon tea? Here we see some of the various takes on the theme … all equally as impressive.

London Icons

All the recognisable icons associated with London as well as the Queen were on show from the classic red double-decker bus to the now defunct red telephone box. All adorned entrances and dominated the street vying to get noticed.

Bunting or ‘Bumting’

The British love nothing more than a string of bunting, with just the mere sight of it inciting that celebratory feel. Evoking that party mentality, reams of it had been purchased and strewn across high streets, windows and instore displays.

Selfridges builders window was great fun, a depiction of a scene that many of us are unfortunately too familiar with!

Popping Those Corks

Whilst the Queen's favourite tipple is rumoured to be a Gin and Dubonnet, sales of all alcohol is expected to have risen over the four day Bank Holiday, with sales of champagne specifically forecast to see a significant rise.

Bold extravagant displays with relevant product placement adjacent really help retailers make the most of selling opportunities.

Well-managed internal displays reflected the British red, white and blue through bunting, cardboard cut outs, product packaging and product selection too, all combining to make sure that even if the Jubilee product offer itself was small, it certainly achieved stand out.


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