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Spring 365 days of flowers online and in print!

We love the 365 magazine and now, not only has the online format been completely updated but there’s a print edition going live at the end of the month which if you’re quick you might be able to receive!!*

As always, the magazine is full of floral sales opportunities for the season, showcasing how the scents and colours of special flowers can drive sales. An updated online look-and-feel offers a smoother, fresh and interactive reading experience plus there’s a free membership service so you’re the first to know about the launch of the latest seasonal editions.

Spring: the season of opportunities

This new spring edition is a delicate balance of inspiration, information, and sales stimulation. Striking photography combined with bite size informative stories showcasing special flowers and foliage of the season.

Stimulate the senses with ‘Spring is here again’ days

Florists can make the most of the 5th spring campaign, 'Spring is here again’ which encourages florists to play with the senses of their customers and is the easiest way to leave winter behind: enjoy fresh spring scents and see vibrant spring colours.

Available in four languages florists, the 'ultimate bearers of good news' can also make use of ready-made, easy to use digital resources for online point-of-sale, as the campaign makes it easy to highlight fragrant spring flowers across websites, newsletters, and social media.

365 days of flowers

Commissioned by the 365 Days of Flowers promotional committee, the campaign is developed and implemented by Concept Factory. It is made possible by cut flower growers affiliated to Royal FloraHolland. The campaign aims to support florists in making the most of sales opportunities throughout the seasons with special flowers.

Get your own copy!

The Florist Magazine sends out 365 Days to 4000 of it’s retail and studio florist readers .... to receive yours you need to be on our mailing list so if you haven’t already registered click here.


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