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The Perfect Wedding Guest: Clematis 'Amazing'®

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Now that the astronomical spring has begun, not only animals are starting to get excited, but people too: excited to get married. Besides picking out the rings, people are carefully choosing the perfect dress, an amazing venue, and beautiful flowers. And for the latter, not only we, but also BLOOM'S VIEW got excited. They chose our Clematis 'Amazing'® varieties: the perfect wedding guests.

Forever Connected

For many, saying "I do" is the highlight of the day. Surrounded by the most beautiful flowers and the most colourful decorations, love can grow and be sealed with a kiss, a ring, and loving words. A true delight for the eyes, four of our Clematis Amazing® varieties form the flower arch of love. Delphinium 'Blue Donna' and 'Guardian Lavender' also stand out cheerfully as a positive note. Gypsophila 'Xlence®' symbolizes love and couldn't be left out. In addition to these stunning flowers, beautiful Daucus carota 'Dara', Limonium 'Scarlet Diamond', Miscanthus 'White Cloud', and Scabiosa 'Focal Scoop™ Bicolor pink' were also given a worthy place. During the ceremony, the bridal couple could sit on chairs decorated with Clematis Amazing® 'Oslo', 'Star River', 'Vienna', Daucus carota ‘Dara’, Delphinium 'Guardian Lavender', and Miscanthus 'White Cloud' wrapped like a bouquet in a ribbon of white mesh.

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